The Translation Department was established among the first in the International Humanitarian University in 2003; its head was Doctor of Philology, Professor Mizetskaya Vera Yaroslavovna. The new Department quickly gained a well-deserved popularity among students due to its excellence in teaching and it was reorganized into the Faculty of Linguistics and Translation in 2006. From 2006 to 2013 the Faculty was headed by PhD in Philology, Associate Professor Obraztsova Elena Mikhailovna.
         Since 2013 up to date the Faculty of Linguistics and Translation has been headed by Doctor of Philology, Professor Stupak Inna Valeriyanovna. The Deputy Dean is PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor of the Department of Translation and Linguistics Romanyuk Aleksandra Sergeevna.
        The constant development and expansion of the Faculty contributed to a significant increase in the number of students wishing to become translators, philologists, teachers and lecturers of foreign languages ​​in the future. The first intake of students numbered only 12 persons, being taught by nearly 30 lecturers, most of them were part-time employees. Today more than 40 regular lecturers, including 5 Doctors of Philology, 30 PhDs in Philology and Pedagogy, are working at the Faculty. The number of students of the Faculty is constantly growing (in 2016-2017 academic year about 800 students have obtained higher education, among them 73 extramural students).
         The Faculty of Linguistics and Translation is a dynamically developing subdivision of the International Humanitarian University. There are currently 3 departments at the Faculty: the Department of Translation and Linguistics, the Department of German and Oriental Languages, and the Department of Foreign Languages ​​in Professional Communication.
         The Faculty trains undergraduates in the following fields:
          “Translation (English, German, French, Chinese)”: 4 years of studying, educational qualification of “Bachelor”;
        “Translation (English, German, French, Chinese)”: 1, 5 years of studying, educational qualification “Master”.
         The teaching is offered in intramural and extramural forms of study.
         Furthermore, the Faculty has got an opportunity to engage foreign students with its special educational programmes; its lecturers teach Ukrainian and Russian to the students from different countries.
         According to the agreement concluded by the International Humanities University, the European Union and the UN Refugee Agency within their "integration in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine", some refugees have an opportunity to study at the faculty under special conditions.
         The Faculty of Linguistics and Translation cooperates with many scientific and educational institutions of Ukraine and the world. Among the Ukrainian universities, the Faculty liaises closely with the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, jointly implementing various projects. In 2016 the University signed an agreement with the Polish Institute of Education, providing a unique opportunity for students and lecturers to share experiences and the latest teaching methods. The Faculty is also a partner of the cultural and educational center "Confucius Institute", which contributes to students’ Chinese language skills and taking an internship in China. Since 2015 the Faculty has started cooperation with the Federation of Exchanges France-Ukraine (FEFU). In November 2016 the Faculty took part in the project ‘Indre-Odessa’: students had passed teaching practice in the educational institutions of the French Republic. In September 2016 the Faculty negotiated a contract with the cultural center of Jean-Claude Charbonnel "La pipelette".
        The high level of professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity of the academic staff, the atmosphere of good will and cooperation motivate students to gain high quality knowledge and skills necessary for specialists, stimulate the constantly growing interest to the University and Faculty.
         The Faculty of Linguistics and Translation is a cohesive team of dedicated and talented scholars, which core is academic elite of the philological scientific community of Odessa. Among the Faculty members are the scientists with international renown, such as: Doctor of Philology, Prof. Taranets V. G., Doctor of Philology, Prof. Mizetskaya V.Y., Doctor of Philology, Prof. Stupak I.V., Doctor of Philology, Prof. Bardina N.V., Doctor of Philology, Prof. Petlyuchenko N.V., and others.
         The staff members of the Faculty have been working on the comprehensive research subject "The functioning of linguistic units in multi-structural languages". This subject is the part of the University-wide scientific theme "The trend of formation and development of the social and humanitarian sphere in Ukraine" (the number of State Registration is 01104000678).
        Professors and lecturers of the Faculty of Linguistics and Translation regularly participate in the academic conferences, training seminars and tutorial workshops of different levels in Ukraine and abroad (Germany, France, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Republic of Korea, and Brazil). Annually since 2006 the International Research and Practical Conference “Linguistic theory and practice: historical heritage, actual problems and development prospects” in Honour of Doctor of Philology, Professor A.K. Korsakov, with the participation of leading philologists of Ukraine, the USA, Israel and other countries, has been held at the Faculty. The specialized addition of scientific works collection is “Scientific Herald of the International Humanitarian University. Philology Series”. It is issued three times a year. The Faculty members publish their academic works not only in special publications of Ukraine, but also in the journals indexed by the prestigious scientific and metric base Scopus.
           In 2013 at the Faculty a postgraduate course in comparative and typological linguistics (10.02.17) was opened, and since 2016 a specialized academic council has been functioning in three fields: comparative and typological linguistics (10.02.17), Germanic languages ​​(10.02 .04), general linguistics (10.02.15).    
         The well-equipped and constantly updated information and resource base of the Faculty plays an important role in the learning process – there are well-stocked libraries of reference, educational, scientific and methodological materials, and a multi-genre media library of the authentic British audio and video records. Computers, interactive whiteboards, multimedia projectors are intensively used among modern educational techniques.
         University public image is its students. It is pleasant to note that graduates of the Faculty of Linguistics and Translation meet the highest criteria. At the Faculty and its departments students receive a truly university education based on the latest achievements of science, – the education that is rightly seen one of the best in Ukraine. The graduates of the Faculty move into independent living being full-fledged, motivated, and qualified specialists.
        Our students are constantly engaged to perform translation and interpretation functions during various international exhibitions (The International Educational Exhibition "Best Schools & Universities Fair, UK, USA, Europe"), cultural events ("Jazz Fest", "Poetry Slam mit Lukas" Sparenborg im Bayerischen Haus Odessa ") and other projects of the Department of International Relations and Tourism of the city council and the regional administration.
         The students of the Faculty of Linguistics and Translation practice their language and translation skills in many different countries (Stopkevich Tatiana (France), Mirzina Anastasia (Germany), Khodyak Julia (China)). Our faculty is rightfully proud of those who managed to be selected through competitive examination for internship or training in prestigious higher educational establishments abroad (Dosdogru Dmitriy, Susloparova Elizaveta, Pavel Alina, Ruban Elizaveta (China), Knyazev Eugene (Austria), Popova Valeria (Germany)). Our students participate actively in All-Ukrainian contests, olympiads and become their finalists and prize-winners (Ruban Elizaveta won the second prize at the XV International Student Competition "The Bridge of the Chinese Language").
        Many students become employees of the enterprises where they have gained a reputation of skilled specialists. Our graduates work as translators, interpreters, lecturers, teachers, managers of tourist and hotel business in Odessa, Kiev, other cities of Ukraine, and in far abroad countries, such as the USA, Canada, Germany and even in China.