In 2003 at the Translation Department, among the first in the University, there was established the Department of Translation and Linguistics, headed by PhD in Philology, Associate Professor Obraztsova Elena Mikhailovna. Since 2013 the Department has been headed by PhD, Associate Professor Talanova Lyudmila Grigoriyevna.
Being a basic graduate Department of the Faculty, responsible for the training of philologists, the Department of Translation and Linguistics carries out teaching, educating and research work for the undergraduates of the Department. The teaching staff also conducts educational and scientific work with students of the faculty.
The staff members of the department have been working on the scientific research subject "The Linguistic and linguodidactic basis for the formation of multilingual and multicultural competences".
Today the academic staff of the Department comprises one Doctor of Philology, Professor Taranets V.G., 11 PhDs in Philology and Pedagogy, Associate Professors: Talanova L.G., Shkvorchenko N.N., Yakovleva M.V., Moroshanu L.I., Bachinskaya N. Y., Milova M.M., Erlikhman A.M., Mytnyk M.N., Romanyuk A. S., Savchyuk A. V., Perevoznyuk N. N., 3 Senior Lecturers: Leontyev A.N., Nikitina I.V., Maslovskaya T.A.; 2 Lecturers: Yasinskaya T. A., Baleva A. A.
The Department is a member of the Ukrainian Translators Association (UTA), the Association of Ukrainian High School Germanists, the Ukrainian English Teachers Union, Association of teachers and philologists (Odessa).
The scientific and pedagogical staff of the department provides teaching of disciplines in English, French, Ukrainian and Latin languages, foreign literature and linguistics. The main courses of professional training for future bachelors and masters include: practical course of the main foreign language (the English language, the French language); Practical courses of oral and written translation from the main and second foreign languages ​​(English, French), among which: literary translation, translation in business, tourism, law, medicine, scientific and technical translation and translation of social and political texts, etc.
The department carries out scientific, educational, methodological, translation and organizational activities. Teachers of the Department actively work as interpreters, providing international meetings, conferences, forums; their works are published in foreign central and regional editions.
The scientists of the department are members of the specialized academic council K 41.136.02 of the International Humanitarian University. Associate professors of the department, PhDs Shkvorchenko N. N. and Mytnik M. N. regularly act as experts and opponents of dissertations on the specialties 10.02.04 and 10.02.17.
All the lecturers of the Department constantly raise their standard of excellence and language competence: they undertake an internship abroad, participate in the preparation and conduct of scientific and methodological seminars, international conferences. The results of their scientific research are manifested in numerous publications, articles, theses, study guides and manuals.
So, in 2015, the associate professor of the department, PhD, Mytnik M. N., has established cooperation with French partners for passing the internship of students of the International Humanitarian University. An international agreement was signed by the International Humanitarian University and the France-Ukraine Federation of Exchanges.
Special attention should be paid to the scientific mobility of the faculty teaching staff who are willing to embrace the modern advanced experience of foreign colleagues. So, professors of the department, PhDs Talanova Lyudmila Grigorievna, Shkvorchenko Nataliya Nikolayevna, Mytnik Mariya Nikolaevna, Romanyuk Aleksandra Sergeevna were trained in Bratislava in the Academic Society of M. Baludianskogo (Slovakia) on innovative methods and approaches in education (2016); Associate Professor, PhD Savchuk Anna Vasylivna has passed an international internship at the University of Paris (France) on the topic "The Structure of the Learning Process, Innovative Technologies and Methods: the Experience of the International Schiller University" (2017).
It should also be noted that in 2017, the Associate professor of the Department, PhD Romanyuk Aleksandra Sergeevna passed the international exam and received the Cambridge English Level 3 Certificate in ESOL International (Proficiency) certificate, which certifies that English is mastered at the level of the native speaker.
The scientific and pedagogical staff of the department shows its translation competence not only in theory, but also in practice. A bright representative among masters of artistic translation is the laureate of the international literary competition for the best work for teens, the diplomat of the international literary translation tournament Pushkin in Britain (London), senior lecturer Leontyev Aleksandr Nikolayevich.
Another achievement of the Department of Translation and Linguistics is the organization and holding of Annual International Conference "Linguistic Theory and Practice: Historical Heritage, Current Problems and Prospects for Development", dedicated to the memory of the Doctor of Philology, Professor A.K. Korsakov since 2006. In 2016, the jubilee conference was attended by scientists from all around the world.
From 2013 to 2017, the lecturers of the Department of Translation and Linguistics are active participants in more than 125 international and all-Ukrainian conferences, among them: the IV International Scientific Forum "Modern Trends in the Teaching Science of Ukraine and Israel: the Way to Integration" (Israel, 2013), the XVIII Annual International Conference of the English Department of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature of Bucharest University (Romania, 2016), International Scientific and Practical Conference "Modern scientific Researchers and developments: Theoretical value and practical results" (Slovakia, 2016), II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Actual problems of Germanic-Romanesque philology and educational socio-cultural process" (Ternopil, 2016), III International scientific and practical conference "Innovative development of higher education: global and national dimensions of change" (Sumy, 2016), II International scientific conference "Actual Problems of Philology and Professional Training in the Multicultural Space "(Odessa, 2016), X International Scientific and Practical Conference devoted to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the doctor of philology, professor A.K. Korsakov "Linguistic theory and practice: historical heritage, actual problems and prospects of development" (Odessa, 2016), International correspondence scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of modern philology" (Odessa, 2017).
Much attention should be paid to the fact that the students of the Faculty of Linguistics and Translation are encouraged into the scientific activity. So, in 2016 a collection of poetry translations by W. Shakespeare was published in various languages (English, French, and Turkish). Since 2012, the annual students’ scientific conference "Actual problems of linguistics and teaching methods of foreign languages" has been held.
The pride of our university is the merits of the students-participants and winners of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad on "English Language and Literature" (Ostrog National Academy), "French Language and Literature" (Zaporozhe National University), All-Ukrainian Student Olympiads in the specialty of Translation "English", Translation "French" (Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University), who are taught by professors and lecturers of the Department of Translation and Linguistics. Also, in 2017, university students participated in the translation contest among students of philology and translators of higher educational institutions of Ukraine, which was held by the National Pedagogical University named after M.P. Dragomanov. The translation of our Master student Olga Fomenko was recognized as the best one!
At the Department of Translation and Linguistics, thematic weeks of the English and French languages are prepared annually. The lecturers of the department conduct excursions to museums and art galleries, presentations on various subjects, quizzes, demonstative lessons, and festive concerts. So, during 2016 - 2017 academic year, within the weeks of foreign languages, the teachers of the department organised the following events: «An Afternoon Tea», lecture «Early Modern English», master-chief from students «English Breakfast», practical lesson «Off the Beaten Track», holiday and issue of the magazine «Halloween» , performances in English "Silver Mist", "Printemps de la Francophonie", presentation "Les Français á Odesa", demonstrative lessons on "Les routes des vinsen France", literary salon, translations of poems, meeting with writer D. Velesova, concert "L`amour á Odessa", " virtual journey through the history of France "Aufil del` histoire de la France". During the celebration of the Ukrainian language week, the exhibition of Taras Shevchenko's Graphics, an excursion to the Shevchenko Library, Ukraine, World Ukrainianity, a lesson-staging "Beloved Women of T. Shevchenko" were held, the literary evening was timed to the 200th anniversary of T. Shevchenko, laying flowers to the monument to Taras Shevchenko. In the 2016 year there was a celebration of Shakespeare's 400th anniversary "Shakespeare for all time". And in April 2017, the French delegation visited a festive concert dedicated to Francophonie. Besides, Spelling Bee Language Competition, which has a long history and is popular in many countries of the world, is held every year at the Department.
Regular students take a unique exam in the practical course of translation in the field of tourism, which they are actively preparing for throughout the school year. Students of the third year of the Faculty of Linguistics and Translation have the opportunity to feel like real translators. They conduct excursions to the historical monuments of Odessa in English and French, under the direction of the teachers of the Department of Translation and Linguistics, Ph.D., associate professor Talanova Lyudmila Grigorievna and Ph.D., associate professor Mytnyk Mariya Nikolaevna. Thus, it should be noted that the method of passing an exam offered by the teachers of the Department of Translation and Linguistics is very effective in the study of foreign languages. During the preparation for the exam and its conducting, students receive a unique opportunity for the practical application of a foreign language.
Since June 2015, the Department of Translation and Linguistics organizes a training school of young translators for the senior pupils of Odessa schools in the following disciplines: English (Art of Translation of Works of Art, Secrets of the Editorial Works, Traveling Without Borders, Open the English-speaking World together, Crazy English, Popcorn Time / Quest); French (Art of Translation, Fundamentals of Editing, Paris je t'aime, Regarde, Lisettraduits!). Studying at the school helps future applicants to become acquainted with the specialty, get acquainted with the contemporary perspectives of translation and the culture of the countries studied, try themselves as a guide-translator, and try their abilities in translating texts of different genres.
The teaching staff of the Department of Translation and Linguistics does not stop at the achievements and continues its exploration in the pedagogical and scientific fields, being in the tendencies of world science, and are always open to new scientific acquaintances, cooperation and experiments.