The Medical College of Odessa Medical Institute of the International Humanitarian University was established in 2009, Doctor of Medical Sciences Professor Peklina Galina Petrivna was appointed the director of the medical college , who  formed a professional team of teachers .
     The medical college  has a modern educational and methodological and material base, a highly-qualified teaching staff that provides a high-level educational process. The main area of activity is qualitative training of junior specialists in the middle level of pharmacy. Preparation of junior specialists in the chosen direction and specialty is ensured by the professorial teaching staff of the institute.
     In the medical college there are teachers of chemistry - Marchenko Emilia Arkadiivna, biologists - Antoniuk Nadiya Onysimivna, mathematicians - Tamara Zubilevich, techer of history of Ukraine - Ovsienko Stanislav Leonidovich, all of them have a higher attestation category.
     Teachers of other structural subdivisions of the International Humanitarian University - Goritskaya E.V., Berezinskaya E.V., Maslovskaya T.O., Sharapanovska Yu.V. - assist in the educational process.
    In 2010, there was intake of the first year students (basic secondary education) and the second year students (complete secondary education) in specialty    «Pharmacy».  In 2012, the first young pharmacy specialists graduated from the college.
     Since 2017 Kirichok Alexey Viktorovich - Associate Professor of the Department of General Dentistry of Odessa Medical Institute has been the director of the medical college.
     Today, the medical college carries out training of junior specialists for the whole pharmaceutical industry on the specialty "pharmacy" (qualification “pharmacist”). For obtaining a prestigious education at the medical college boys and girls from all over Ukraine come to us to study.
     We strive for the implementation of European standards in the learning process. This involves the unification of education, the introduction of modern progressive methods and, thus, raising the overall level of our graduates. The transition to a rating system encourages students to work independently and have a high motivation to study.
     The program for students of the medical college corresponds to the requirements presented to the curricula of the Ministry of Education and Science, and it is agreed with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. This is a whole range of commonly accepted disciplines (philosophy, culturology, fundamentals of jurisprudence, etc.), subjects of basic knowledge and professional training. Particular attention is paid to various sections of chemistry, which is the basis of the knowledge of the pharmacist. Professional training is interesting and diverse. It affects all aspects of pharmaceutical science and the production of medicines.
The peculiarity of studying at the Medical College is the combination of education and upbringing, which is provided by an integrated approach and implemented through the work of a pedagogical high-professional team.
The training of junior specialists in the medical college is aimed at ensuring the social order of the society in accordance with the processes that are taking place in Ukraine - the reproduction of forces and the development of the culture of society.