Head of the Department of General and Clinical Pharmacology, professor, doctor of medical sciences Peklina G.P.

From the first days of its establishment the department of General and Clinical Pharmacology has been headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Peklina Нalina Petrivna.
In 1972 G.Peklina graduated from Odessa Medical Institute named after V.I. Pirogov. Then there was a postgraduate course at Leningrad Sanitary and Hygienic Institute Faculty of Therapy completed, under the guidance of D.M.Sc., Professor Shulutko B.I. The course was completed with the defense of candidate's dissertation on the topic: "Use of functional and morphological research methods for the detection of early kidney damage in rheumatoid arthritis and their dynamics in the use of paraffin isobutyl-propionic acid" in 1980 in the Rheumatism Institute Specialized Council of the USSR Medical Academy of Sciences in Moscow.
From 1984 to 1997 G.Peklina worked at Odessa Medical Institute named after V.I. Pirogov. Then the institute was renamed to the Odessa Medical University, where G.Peklina continued working, first as an assistant, then as an associate Professor and Head of Internal Diseases Department №2 at the Faculty of Advanced Physicians and, finally the dean of this faculty.
In 1990 after external doctoral degree studies G.Peklina defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic: "The Influence of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs on the Kidney" at the 2nd Moscow Lenin’s Order Medical Institute Specialized Council. In 1990 she became a professor at the Department of Internal Diseases.
G.Peklina’s scientific research direction is internal diseases and clinical pharmacology. She is an author of 268 publications, eight inventions and eight innovative offers.
Basic pedagogical staff of the department includes associate professors and candidates of sciences.
Antipov Nikolay Grigorovich, Ph.D., Associate Professor, after a postgraduate course at the Pharmacology department of Odessa Medical Institute named after V.I. Pirogov and dissertation defense on the topic “Data on the toxic dynamics of hydrazine and the therapeutic effect of the new nicotinic acid derivative - nicotinoyl-dl-methionine - with hydrazine intoxication” in 1972, has been engaged in pedagogical activity for 45 years. He is an author of 35 scientific and methodological works, as well as two copyright certificates.
Later Khomenko T.V. and Mokienko S.V. have also become members of the department.
Khomenko Tetyana Vladimirovna, Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor, about 30 years worked in the Chisinau Medical University, defended the dissertation in 1980 on the topic "The study of kubarbitacins and the selection of cucumber on the lack of bitterness". She is an author of 48 scientific and methodical works, six copyright certificates. Her teaching experience is 37 years.
Mokienko Svetlana Victorivna, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, worked at the National Medical University, defended the dissertation in 1976 on the theme "Improvement of methods for obtaining adenoviral complement antigen binding". She is an author of 76 scientific and methological works. Her teaching experience is 32 years.

Young specialists take an active part in the educational process of the department. Vyslovukh Anna Vasylivna after completing the Master’s course at Odessa University of Internal Affairs in 2009, has been working as a lecturer at the General and Clinical Pharmacology Department for about 7 years, and particularly pays her attention to the legislation in pharmacy. She is an author of 26 scientific and methodological works. Now she wants to continue her research and write a dissertation.
The colleagues, who combine their main work with that at the department, are:
Ali Pakhlevanzade, doctor of medical sciences, in 2004 he defended his Ph.D. dissertation on the theme: "Treatment of intra-articular fractures of major joints of the lower extremities", in 2007 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic: "Diagnosis of damage to knee meniscus. He is an author of 85 scientific and methodological works. His teaching experience is 18 years. Ali Pakhlevanzade is the head of the International Humanitarian University educational-methodological center for international educational programs.
Kolodenko Vladimir Aleksandrovich, doctor of medical sciences, professor, defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic: "Hygienic bases of sanitary protection areas for population’s marine water use in the conditions of secondary sources pollution formation of the marine environment". He is an author of 98 scientific and methodical works and one copyright certificate. His teaching experience is 27 years. For many years, the sanatorium-dispensary "White Acacia" has successfully functioned under his leadership.
Khajiradova Svetlana Konstantinovna, doctor of public administration, professor, defended her doctoral dissertation in 2006 on the theme: “Training for civil servants in vocational communication: conceptual foundations and technology modernization strategy”. She is an author of 216 scientific and methodological works. Her teaching experience is 24 years.
Shukayeva Olga Petrivna, Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences defended her candidate’s dissertation in 2014, on the topic: "Scientific ground for the quality of biological medicines assurance on the basis of an integrated approach". She is an author of 52 scientific and methodological works. Her teaching experience is 4 years.
The achievements of the Department of General and Clinical Pharmacology are close cooperation with the National Pharmaceutical University of Kharkiv, which manifests the joint scientific and methodological work in the form of training aids for students of the pharmaceutical faculty (OG Bashura, GP Peklina, VF Cheremisin "Dermatology". A manual for students of the specialty "Technology of perfumery and cosmetics", Tikhonov, Tikhonova, Musoyev, Peklina, and others. "Practice of pharmacy medicine technology". A manual is for students of higher educational institutions).
Annually the staff of the Department of General and Clinical Pharmacology participates in international scientific-practical conferences of the University, as well as conducts thematic all-Ukrainian conferences devoted to modern issues of pharmacology and pharmacy.