The Department of General Dentistry of the Odesa Medical Institute was established in 2013. The first head of the department was Professor Zubkova Lyudmyla Petrovna, Doctor of Medical Sciences.
Zubkova L.P. received the higher education at Odesa Medical Institute named after Pirogov, at the Faculty of Dentistry. After graduating  the University from 1966 to 1977 she worked as an orthodontist in the city of Makeyevka, Donetska region. From 1977 to 1980 she worked as a researcher at the Odesa Scientific Research Institute of Dentistry. In 1981 under the direction of the Honored Scientist, Dr. Medical Sciences, professor. F. Ya. Khoroshilkina  defended her Ph.D. theses on the topic " Macrodontia . Methods of diagnosis and treatment ». From 1980 to 1987 she worked as an assistant, and from 1987 to 1996 she was an associate professor of department of orthopedic dentistry of the Odesa Medical Institute named after M.I. Pirogov. In 1998-2002 Lyudmila Zubkova held the post of the Head of the Department of General Dentistry at the Faculty of Postgraduate Education, Odesa State Medical University. In 1998 she defended his doctoral theses on "Deep and open bite in children, adolescents and adults. Methods of diagnosis and treatment». Since 2002 she is the leading researcher of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Resortology, the curator of the dental services  of the resort institutions of Ukraine. From 2013 to 2016 she is the head of Department of General Dentistry at  Odesa Medical Institute of the International humanitarian university.
Her main scientific works are «Medical  and preventive measures in orthodontics», a manual for students «Diagnostics in dental practice of health in relation to changes in bioenergetics of patients with dentoalveolar anomaly», «Application of mineral waters in dentistry", "Complex rehabilitation of children with tuberculosis, intoxication and respiratory diseases", "Medical mud in dentistry",
" Standards for the provision of dental care in Ukraine, as well as in country resort system "and others. She  is the author of 340 publications, two monographs and 13 methodological recommendations.
Since 2016, the department  was headed by Professor, Doctor of Medicine, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine Chulak Leonid Dmitrievich. After graduating in 1978 Odesa Medical Institute named after            M. I. Pirogov and internship in the specialty "Dentistry", he  worked in practical health care - at  city dental clinic № 20 of Odesa as a dentist-physician-therapist. Since 1982  he was an assistant of the department of surgical dentistry  of  Odesa Medical Institute named after M.I. Pirogov; in 1986 he began working as an assistant of the department of orthopedic  dentistry of this educational establishment, in 1992 he was appointed an  associate professor; since 1998 he has been a professor of the department, and since 1999  he has been  the head of the department of orthopedic  dentistry  of Odesa State Medical University. He defended his  Ph.D.  theses  in 1983 and  theses for a doctor's degree - in 1996. For 8 years (1998-2006), L.D. Chulak was the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry of Odesa State Medical University.
In 2002, with his direct participation, the first modern university dental clinic in Ukraine was built and organized. Professor Chulak L.D. was appointed  the head physician (2002 to 2016). Under the guidance of Professor L.D. Chulak  the first Clinic for family dentistry was opened  in Ukraine in 2003.
Professor  Chulak L.D. successfully combines the activity  of a scientist and  a dentist, the organizer of health care. His latest inventions  in bioinert prosthetics are constantly being introduced into the practice of health care. In combination with the scientists of the chemists, bioinert covering of dental prosthesis by fluoroplastic-3 was developed and introduced into medical practice. Together offered a new method of manufacturing microprosthesis, introduced the Ukrainian system of implantation, developed a set of dental enthesis that  are named after the professor. In recent years, the scientific direction of Professor Chulak L.D. is «Prevention and treatment of oral diseases using modern forms of amaranth oil».
Scientific works of  Chulak L.D. are a significant contribution to the development of country  and world medicine. He is the author of three tutorials. He has three monographs published, 10 methodological recommendations are devoted to the actual issues of orthopedic dentistry. He has more than 130 scientific works published. He also received 56 patents for inventions. He is the author of a national textbook on propedeutics of orthopedic dentistry. Chulak  L.D. developed the actual problems of orthopedic dentistry, introducing new methods of diagnostics and orthopedic treatment of major pathologies of the dental-jaw system in medical practice. He thoroughly mastered the technique of the most complex manipulations in orthopedic dentistry, has been widely introducing advanced methods of prosthesis in recent years: with the help of dental implants and the metal-free system of ceramic microprosthetics. Every day he carries out medical and diagnostic work at the dental clinic of  Odesa State Medical University, which, under his leadership, received a higher attestation category in 2008. Professor Chulak  L.D. has been fitted a prosthesis for more than 2,000 patients and more than 1,000 patients from Odesa and Odeska region have been advised annually, among them there are  patients having the most complicated pathologies of the characted .
Prof. Chulak L.D. is a member of the specialized Academic Council for the defense of a Ph.D.  and doctorate theses, a member of editorial boards of 3 leading specialized scientific  periodicals in Ukraine and abroad. 18 Ph.D. of medicine, 2 doctors of medicine,  21 specialists of higher qualification for foreign countries were trained under his leadership.
Prof. Chulak  L.D.  is a brilliant lecturer and daily work is an example of high culture, ethics and deontological tolerance.
Professor Chulak L.D. is the founder of the establishment of university dental clinics in Ukraine. Under his direct leadership, a university dental clinic of the International humanitarian university was established and the Department of General Dentistry at the International humanitarian university was reconstructed.
For many years of scientific activity and participation in medical practice prof. Chulak L.D. has been often encouraged by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the leadership of the city, region and university. He  has two (honored) awards  of the governor of the Odesa region.
There are a number of associate professors in the staff. Among them  there is Kirichek Alexey Viktorovich,  a  director of Medical college and associate professor of the Department of General Dentistry  since 2016. In December 2004, he defended his Ph.D. theses on the theme "Development and substantiation of a complex of preventive measures aimed at preserving the tissues of the alveolar branch of the jaw after the removal of the teeth."He is the author of 8 articles, 3 patents for invention.
Maximenko Pavel Volodymyrovych is an associate professor of the Department of General Dentistry from 2016. In 2013 he defended his Ph.D. theses on the theme "Improvement of diagnostics and the choice of orthopedic treatment people  with dental defects  as periodontal diseases". He is the author of 11 articles, 18 educational and guidance papers for practical classes.

Chulak Olga Leonidovna  is an assistant professor of the Department of General Dentistry since 2016. She defended her Ph.D. theses in 2013 on the theme: "Features of  hygiene care of the oral cavity after cosmetic restoration work in the frontal area of ​​the dentition". Experience of her practical work as a dentist is 10 years. She works with English-speaking students.
Zagradskaya Olena Leonidovna  has been an associate professor of the Department of General Dentistry  since 2017. In 2011 she defended  her theses on the theme "Differential approaches to the prevention of exacerbations of chronic mucosal candidiasis in the oral cavity".
Kovshar Igor Leonidovich is an associate Professor of the Department of General Dentistry since 2017. Since September 2011, he is an assistant of the department of orthodontics of  ONMedU. Since December 2015 he is the head doctor of the multi-functional Clinic Katrine-Life, a doctor of the orthopedic dentistry of the clinic "Mr. Smile". Kovshar I.P. gives theoretical and practical classes with students of 3-5 grades of dentistry and interns. Since December 2013, he actively cooperates with 3M Ukraine, gives lectures and practical training class on its behalf throughout the territory of Ukraine and abroad (Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan) for the dentists.
Today the department substantially expands the scientific and practical base. Dental centers, and offices  are available for educational process. Under the guidance of  leading specialists of the department students of the dental specialty gain the best experience and are widely involved in carrying out preventive examinations and providing advisory services to the population of Odesa.
The created centers are equipped with the most up-to-date dental equipment, which allows introducing advanced approaches to the treatment of diseases of the tooth-jaw in the educational process.