In 2019, on the initiative of Academician Kivalov S.V., Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Education was established at the Odessa Medical Institute of the International Humanities University. At this faculty prepares bachelors and masters in the specialties "Medicine", "Dentistry" and "Pharmacy". The newly established faculty was headed by professor Polyasny Vyacheslav Oleksiiovych, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Medical Work of the International Humanities University.
Physicians' advanced training, which is carried out during the entire period of work of a doctor, can be carried out in pre-certification courses, internships, clinical internships, thematic improvement courses, etc. All variants of postgraduate education were introduced into the activities of the new faculty of the International Humanities University.
The main clinical bases of the University Clinic are its own bases (2 state-of-the-art dental clinics, own pharmacy), as well as the bases of the best public and private clinics in Odessa, such as the modern multidisciplinary clinic "Odrex", the sanatorium "White Acacia", the 1st Odessa city clinical hospital and other medical institutions of Odessa. With the students studying at the Odessa Medical Institute, the best teachers - professors and associate professors who have considerable experience in medicine, international recognition and who accompany the teaching process with modern medical equipment, conduct practical classes. The cadets have decent living conditions in the hostels and hotels of the International Humanities University, participate in scientific seminars and conferences traditionally held at the Odessa Medical Institute.
Also, on the basis of the Odessa Medical Institute of IHU there is a training using distance learning to confirm their professional competences, which allows doctors to improve their skills without leaving clinical practice, which is especially important for family doctors and dentists working in small cities and villages in Ukraine. .