History of the Economic and Law College formation is inextricably connected with the International Humanitarian University. The Economic and Law College began its activities in 2003, the initiator of the college was Sergei Vasilyevich Kivalov, who looked ahead to the need for formation of an educational institution that would focus on the early professional activities of young people. 
The first basic specializations of the college were: "Law", "Economy of the enterprise" and "Maintenance of computer systems and networks". The first intake of students was only 65 people. Every year, the popularity and number of students increased, new demanded specialties appeared, such as: «Evaluation activity», «Primary education and translation», «Design».
The first director of the college was Major-General of the Police in retirement, Ph.D. of Law Stanislav Dmitrievich Podliniev.  He managed to create a strong, friendly teaching staff. This team has been training the first-rate specialists for years. Now the Economic and Law College is a modern building having all the faculties for training and physical development of young people. 
At the disposal of students, there are 36 study rooms equipped with multimedia projectors, computers, TVs, scientific manuals. The college has a computer base and all the study rooms are provided with WI-FI equipment.

   For the whole period of its existence, more than 1500 junior specialists have graduated from the college. Among graduates are lawyers, economists, designers, IT specialists, translators, primary school teachers. All the students have practice at various enterprises of Odessa and its region.  Even during the practice, students have the opportunity to find a place of employment and thus provide a perspective job after graduating.
Most excellent students continue their study abroad and find a permanent place of work there: Berladin Anatoly - Poland, Alexander Kolesnikov - Israel, Shablenenko Dima - Austria, Stayeva Irina – Czech Republic, Chernyshova Julia - Germany, Korolyova Lilia - China.  
Today, the college has more than 500 students, from all regions of Ukraine and the world. Students are instructed by the professor’s and teaching staff  of the International Humanitarian University, among them  are honoured figures of science, education and culture, doctors of sciences, professors, candidates of sciences, associate professors, general sciences teachers of the highest category. Every year scientific conferences on special disciplines are held at the college, scientific articles are published in the collections.

Thus, the 2nd course students in the specialty "Law” Kuznetsova Darya, Rudko Darya, Komar Anastasiya and others took part in the International Scientific Conference “A Professional’s formation: prospects and development”. 
Teachers of general sciences annually participate in multidisciplinary scientific conferences "Black Sea Scientific Studios".  Study guides, methodological aids on modern education and approach to improve classes are constantly developed. Among those who investigate the scientific approach to effective assimilation of the material and publish articles in scientific periodicals are Chernya Natalyа Aleksandrovna «Scientific Newsletter, Voytenko Natalia Sergeevna «Scientific Notes of the International Humanitarian University», Netrebenko Anzhela Nikolaevna «Collection of scientific works», Bilous Alla Leonidovna «Methodical manuals on practical and laboratory Works on Biology ".
In 2015, the lecturer of humanitarian disciplines Goritskaya O. V. defended her dissertation on the topic: "Formation of professional adaptability for future economists in universities of I - II accreditation levels", and received the degree of Candidate of Pedagogy. 

In 2016, the teachers Netrebenko A. M., Chernyata N. O. developed and published a methodological aid "Ukrainian Business Broadcasting” (a textbook is for higher education institutions of the I-II level accreditation). They also took part in the conference and read their papers on the topic "Innovative methods to teach Ukrainian language”.
In 2017, an IT teacher Shrayen Sergey Valerievich passed the candidate's qualification exams and completed writing a dissertation on the topic: "Efficiency and reliability improvement of the functioning prospect radio access systems to telecommunication networks."
Dronov V. Yu.- the  History lecturer -  has been completing his work on the dissertation: "Educational function of the modern state and the peculiarities of its realization by private universities".
For many years Sokolovskaya A. S. and Yavorskaya L. P. have been preparing students for regional Olympiads in English. Among those who got prize-winning places are Denisyuk Vladislav, Nuri Kamila, Yevtimova Diana.
Kurhanska N. P., the teacher of the highest category, constantly improves her methods of teaching using innovative technologies. She holds weeks of demonstration lessons on the history of European literature.
Teachers develop and publish methodological aids on various disciplines, which enable their students to obtain high-quality knowledge and hold prize-winning places at various regional and district subject Olympiads.
The college has a second level of accreditation, all specialties are licensed, and graduates receive a certificate of full secondary education and state-level diplomas. There are daytime and extramural forms of study at the college.

After graduating from the college, students are automatically enrolled without passing any exams in the third year of the International Humanitarian University, where they continue to study and receive qualitative knowledge in their specialization.
College teachers are constantly working on the formation of a fully developed personality; therefore they pay enormous attention to extra-curricular forms for students’ leisure time.

Traditionally in the college there are held thematic pasties and celebrated such holidays as: "Knowledge Day", "Ukrainian Writing Day", "Christmas holidays", "International Women's Day", "Youth for a healthy lifestyle", "Liberation Day of Odessa", "Victory Day".  Weekly news releases from the radio studio "A Big Break", which covers the news of the country, university, college.  Traditional charity fairs are held to support children-orphans, and orphan asylums.  For many years, it has become a good tradition to hold the Miss College contest.  Among the winners of the competition there are girls who participated and won prize titles at the All-Ukrainian and World Beauty Contests: Merhan Alla, Ganisheva Emilia, Sharpilova Vladislava, Suturina Anna.
Physical training and bringing young people to a healthy lifestyle is taught by a physical education teacher, a person who has undergone severe daily wars in Afghanistan – Illiyn Yuriy Leonidovich. Such sports holidays as "Day of athletes", "Funny starts", the university championship in football have already become good traditions, held on the college base.
Among the students and graduates are multiple prizewinners of international competitions for various sports, candidates for sports masters, professional athletes and football players: Pichenko Vladimir - Boxing, Reznikov Dmitry-wrestling, Rosenzvit Vladislav - Basketball, BC "Chemist", Chernyat Alexander-footballer FC "Pearl", Solovey Oleg-footballer of FC "Niva",  Pavlovskaya Victoria - a candidate for sports masters on bullet shooting, Shumeiko Anna – a candidate for sports masters on Blitz-chess,  A Ukrainian Champion  Kasadzhik Denis – a candidate for sports masters on karate.

The Economic and Law College is an opportunity to build the future of our country, an opportunity to give a ticket to young professionals, an opportunity to acquire loyal and reliable friends and become a true master of your business.