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The Institute of Law, Economics and International Relations – the way to a happy future
Management of the Institute

Director of the Institute of Law, Economics and International Relations, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor Yulia Titska
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Deputy Director of the Institute of Law, Economics and International Relations Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Zerkina Oksana Alexandrovna

The need for training specialists of higher legal and economic education is objectively conditioned by the realities of modern society development and the modern state. Providing the opportunity to receive high-quality education is the first and necessary step in providing the country with qualified human resources in the field of jurisprudence, and thus, the construction of a modern legal and democratic state.

That is why, on the initiative of the President of the International Humanitarian University, academician Serhii Vasylyovych Kivalov and the Academic Council Decision of the International Humanitarian University, the Institute of Law, Economics and International Relations (hereinafter referred to as the ILEIR) was established and successfully operates within the University.

The formation history of the leading unit of the International Humanitarian University dates back to August, 2003, when the Institute of National and International Law was created. Then the International Humanitarian University received a license to carry out educational activities for training the specialists of the educational qualification level "Bachelor" in the specialty "Law" with a licensed intake of 100 students.

In the summer of 2003, the first 50 students were enrolled for the first year of study and in August of the same year the Department of National and International Law was established. It included only one Department of Theory and History of State and Law headed by the candidate of Law, associate professor Natalia Dolmatova. In 2004, the University received a license to carry out educational activities in the field of “International Law” with the licensed intake of 50 students.

The basis for the formation of the future Institute of Law, Economics and International Relations was the creation of the Faculty of Economics and Management at the initiative of Professor N.P. Kovalenko in 2006. The unification of the faculties of economics and management, computer sciences and innovation technologies followed the reorganization of 1 April 2012. Best traditions and experience accumulated at the faculties found its reflection in the new faculty’s activity.

Associate Professor L. I. Gladchenko was the first Dean of the faculty from 2003 till 2008. Later, from 2008 till 2016, the faculty was headed by Candidate of Military Sciences, Associate Professor O. O. Rozantsev. From 2016 till September 2017, the Faculty of Economics and Management has been headed by Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor T. V. Derkach. Her deputy is Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor of economics and international relations department O. O. Zerkina.

In 2017, the Institute of National and International Law and the Faculty of Economics and Management were reorganized into the Institute of Law, Economics and International Relations,  an additional specialty “Law Enforcement” was opened.

Responsible and talented people have always been at the head of the leading department of the University: Professor Ivanskyy Andriy Yosypovych, Professor Minchenko Raisa Mykolaiivna, Assistant Professor Korotkyy Timur Robertovych, Associate Professor Berezovskyy Andriy Andriyovych. The demanding approach of each of them to the employees recruitment has made it possible to create a united team, a team that is an effective tool for implementing the idea of ​​providing legal education of the highest quality.

From 2015 till 2019, the Institute of National and International Law has been headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of International Law and Comparative Law Konstantin Viktorovych Hromovenko.
Since September 2019, the Institute of Law, Economics and International Relations has been headed by Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and History of the State and Law, Tits'ka Yana. Deputy Director, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and International Economic Relations Zerkina Oksana Alexandrovna.

For today the ILEIR has all the necessary conditions for the students training in the specialties "Law", "International Law" and "Law Enforcement" according to the educational and qualification levels "Bachelor", "Specialist" and "Master" on a contract basis.

The programs of higher professional training granting the degrees of:

  • Bachelor: specialty 051 “Economics”; 056 “International economic relations” according to educational programs “International economic relations”; 071 “Accounting and taxation”; 076 “Business, trade, stock market activity”; 073 “Management”; 123 “Computer engineering”.
  • Master: specialty 051 “Economics” according to educational program “Economics of enterprise”; 076 “Business, trade, stock market activity”; 056 “International economic relations”; 073 “Management”; 123 “Computer engineering”.


Foreign students study at the Institute of Law, Economics and International Relations according to the specially developed programs in Russian and English; distance training is also available.

The ILEIR graduates receive higher education diplomas approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Training in these specialties allows ILEIR graduates to hold positions in central executive bodies local self-government establishments, prosecutors, offices, courts, the Ministry of Justice, various advocacy associations, enterprises, institutions, banks, etc.
Since the very first years of the ILEIR establishment, the staffing of the educational process, the attraction of highly skilled scientific and pedagogical workers who have academic degrees of candidates and doctors of Legal Sciences and have considerable pedagogical and practical experience, has been paid a great attention to by the administration and the President, Academician Serhii Vasylyovych Kivalov. Therefore teaching in the ILEIR is carried out by more than 12 professors, doctors of Legal Sciences, 50 associate professors, candidates of Legal Sciences.
The Institute of Law, Economics and International Relations consists of 7 departments:

The Institute of Law, Economics and International Relations trains post-graduate students in specialties: 12.00.03 - Civil Law and Civil Procedure; Family law; International Private Law; 12.00.01 - Theory and History of State and Law; History of Political and Legal Studies; 12.00.09 - Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics; Forensic Examination; Operational Search Activity.
In 2013, the post-graduate course was launched at the faculty – specialty Administration of projects and programs (25.04.2013); the post-graduate course specializing in “Economics and management of enterprises” 08.00.04 (14.02.2014) was started in 2014 followed by the post-graduate course with specialization 051 “Economics” in 2015.
It is on the regular basis that the Institute’s academics take part in international scientific conferences and seminars at various levels (scientific, scientific and practical, methodological) both in Ukraine and abroad (Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, France, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Mexico). Starting from 2014, annual international scientific conferences “Modern global regional study and economic subjects: directions of impact” and “Prospects of administrative decisions in business and projects” have been held.
Scientific seminar directed by Professor M. Kovalenko is active at the faculty; it hosts leading economists from Odessa, Ukraine and foreign countries. Presently, the development of independent economic school is proved by the publication of the journal “Scientific Herald of International Humanitarian University” : “Economics and management”. It is issued six times a year and it was included in the list of specialized editions of the High certification commission in the field of economic sciences (HSC decision of 14.04.2014); further the edition has been registered by prestigious international scientific and metric base “Copernicus”.

An important direction of the research work of the ILEIR staff is the publication of scientific work collections: “The Herald of the International Humanitarian University. Series: Jurisprudence” (included to the List of Scientific Professional Publications of Ukraine); “Almanac of International Law”.
Students of the ILEIR receive comprehensive knowledge of basic legal disciplines, which allows providing a wide range of legal services in the future. At the Institute students profoundly study Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Economic Law, Environmental Law, Land Law, Labor Law, International Law, European Union Law, Intellectual Property Law, Competition Law, Bar and Notary of Ukraine, Criminology, Criminalistics, the basis of Operational and Investigative Activities, Judicial Accounting, Sociology and Philosophy of Law, the fundamentals of Management and Marketing and other disciplines.
Training of the ILEIR students is a connecting link in the system of further employment. Annually students of the Institute receive training in judicial and law enforcement agencies, notaries, legal departments of state and commercial structures, prosecutor’s offices, leading law firms of Ukraine.
Students of the ILEIR have the opportunity to undergo training on the program of reserve officers at the Department of Military Training. Graduates of the department receive a military rank “junior lieutenant of reserve”.
The aim of the ILEIR is to develop students' practical skills and competencies for organizing and managing business in today's context. Practice-oriented, “live” technologies combining elements of classical business education and online-technologies are applied for the students’ training. The students of the ILEIR actively participate in the sporting events of the university. Thus, the faculty’s football team has repeatedly become the winner of both university and city tournaments.
Currently, about 1200 students are studying at the ILEIR, among them, there are not only Ukrainian citizens, but also representatives from Bulgaria, Moldova, Belarus, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Congo. The fact that a significant number of foreign students study at the ILEIR, of course, characterizes it as a unit of a higher educational institution of international level and testifies to the recognition of our university abroad. Every year, the number of students at ILEIR increases.

Fifteen-year-existence of the Institute is not a large period. However, for this period of time, the friendly staff of the Institute of Law, Economics and International Relations has managed to create a structural unit with traditions and methods allowing us to occupy one of the dominant positions in the system of higher legal education of our country. This is also facilitated by the excellent material, technical base and the professionalism of the faculty staff, having a solid foundation of culture, humanitarian knowledge and priceless years of experience.
Each year the educational process is improved in the ILEIR, the research results are increased, only the positive experience of the past is used in the process of teaching. Social, educational and cultural activities are carried out at all levels of training the specialists. All this makes it possible to meet the needs of society in a new type of specialist capable of solving the most important issues of the present time.

Professionalism, erudition and in-depth knowledge of the subjects by the academic staff, ability to present ideas in a figurative and comprehensible manner, high cultural level, ability to understand the student’s psychology, his/her merits and drawbacks as well as the atmosphere of benevolence and live communication, all this in combination with strictness and justice, stimulates the growth of the students’ activity and creation of genuine scientific atmosphere for joint solution of tasks set before Ukraine by the 21st century. We should not only join the family of civilized nations being equipped with knowledge and skills but we should also present the world with our own economic and management technologies.