The Department of Business Administration and Corporate Security was established in 2013 and now is a part of the Institute of Law, Economics and International Relations. This Department is headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor Anatoliy G. Goncharuk.
The Department trains students in the following Master and PhD programs: management, business administration, crisis management and corporate security, project management, financial management, business economics and management. Currently, the academic staff of the Department includes: two full professors namely Professor Anatoliy G. Goncharuk and Professor Valentina M. Raschupkina; and two Assistant Professors namely Dr. Larisa V. Shinkarenko and Dr. Larisa I. Raicheva.
The head of Department, Professor Anatoliy G. Goncharuk is a holder of Grant from the President of Ukraine, grant holder of German academic agency DAAD and a member and expert of a number of international associations: Performance Management Association (PMA, Cambridge, GB), International Food and AgriBusiness Management Association (IFAMA, Minneapolis, USA), World Association of Sustainable Development (WASD, London, GB) and International Association of Agrarian Economists (IAAE, Milwaukie, USA).
The Department conducts a considerable organizational work. It organizes annual international scientific and practical conferences entitled “Prospects of effective managerial decisions in business and projects”, which is attended by hundreds of researchers from all over the world, both authoritative and young.
The Department publishes the Journal of Applied Management and Investment, which has been indexed by many international scientific and bibliometric bases. This journal has increasing impact factors and is included in the TOP-300 economic journals of the world (CitEc).
The Department is engaged in active research and educational work. All academic staff members regularly improve their professional qualification level: they undergo training in leading national and foreign universities, participate in scientific and methodological seminars as well as international conferences. The results of their research and academic work have been reflected in numerous publications, theses, guidelines and textbooks. The Department staff members have issued over twenty monographs, hundreds of scientific papers and articles in refereed domestic and foreign journals. Scientific researches have been conducted within the framework of international projects.
In 2014, a double-diploma Master’s training program in International MBA was launched by the Department and Marconi University (Rome, Italy). This program allows the students to obtain two Diplomas (Certificates): the first from IHU on Ukrainian standards, and the second from Marconi University, which is recognized in EU countries and USA.