We are working for the present state and the future of Ukraine. Our motto is "Pro bono publico".
     The staff of the International Humanitarian University considers its purpose in affirming the ideals and values ​​of civil society, in openness, dialogue and cooperation through the humanitarization of the worldview and thinking of specialists in all fields of knowledge, democratization of education, its accessibility to each person on the basis of individual freedom. We strive to continuously improve our activities, we are in constant creative search, we create ambitious, long-range plans.
     This way is the expansion and improvement of research work, the application  of educational innovations, informatization and activation of the teaching and upbringing process, the involvement of leading scientists and practitioners,  ensuring the dynamic growth of the professional level of the staff.
     Our goal is to become a powerful, constantly progressing University of European type, capable of providing high-quality education and guaranteeing practice to our graduates.
"Alpha and Omega" of our goal attainment is the formation of a public spirit among all workers, the maintenance of such a climate in the team, which would ensure the "Alma Mater" image of the University in each student’s mind.
Our credo is to train specialists - leaders in all areas.
      We strive:
   - to discover and develop the creative potential of our students - to form an ability to solve complex professional problems in the highly competitive world of the 21-st century, to achieve personal success and ensure financial independence;
   - to create an interactive academic environment with democratic and equal relations between teachers and students - with mutual trust, benevolence and support;
   - to involve students in research and development activities - since their first year;
   - to have a good command  of several foreign languages ​​- with training abroad;
   - to educate students of high legal culture, respect for the law, the protection of human rights - based on student self-government and active participation in the public  life of the University, city, country;
   - to prepare our students for real professional actions, to teach them the fundamentals of management and the art of communication - on the basis of professional competence, respect for public needs and public responsibility;    - to form a free mastering and effective use of computer and information technologies in the professional field - at the advanced world level.