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The Thai World Boxing Championship among adults, which recently ended in the homeland of this sport in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, brought the Ukrainian team the third team place.  Oleg Guta, a student at the International Humanitarian University, made his significant contribution to such a successful result of Ukrainian taiboxers at the most prestigious Muay Thai competition in the world, having won the second silver medal in his sports career at the world championship.  In total, within the framework of the competition, Guta spent 4 fights, 3 of which he finished ahead of schedule.  Odessa tayboxer fought with representatives of Afghanistan, the US Virgin Islands, Sweden and Russia.


 "These competitions were special for me, because this is the World Cup, and here you play not only for yourself, but for all for the national team of your country.  All rivals are very strong and have gor very high level of training"
  - admits the silver medalist of the Thai boxing world championship Oleg Guta.
 In the weight category up to 71 kilograms, in which Guta performed, there were 24 athletes, and therefore the competition was more than fierce and the victory could not be achieved easily.  Despite the fact that Oleg admits, that there are no easy fights as a rule, because everyone needs to be formidably prepared and fully laid out in the ring.

 Easy battles and easy rivals simply do not exist.  We need to prepare for each fight for a long time, for example, for the World Cup, from I just arrived, we have been preparing for a whole year.  We prepared not only in terms of everyday training, classes in the gym, but also in terms of participation in various competitions, because one tournament replaces at least 10 trainings,
  - notes Oleg Guta.
 Indeed, the competitive Oleg's schedule  is very tight and, in addition to regional competitions, championships and cups of Ukraine, also includes a number of other licensed competitions, where its weight category is presented.  Oleg is required to participate in order to win a license to participate in the World Games, which are an analogue of the Olympic Games for sports that are not included in the Olympic program.  In particular, this year the athlete made his debut in the professional ring in Prague, where he managed to win a landslide victory over the Czech athlete Andriusz Chekhovski.  Oleg is trying his hand in other sports, and also very successfully.  This year, he won the Ukrainian Championship in Combat Self-Defense ICO among adults, which was held in the city of Brovary (Kiev region).  To keep fit, the athlete has to train twice a day daily.  The Honored Muay Thai Coach of Ukraine Natalia Kogan helps him in this.

 And since last year, Oleg has been engaged in coaching - over the years spent in professional sports he has accumulated enormous training and competitive experience, which he is happy to share with the younger generation - the athlete has assembled his group who wants to engage in Thai boxing and is now training them.  Oleg Guta is also involved in social activities - in the ranks of the Future youth platform, he is actively promoting sports and a healthy lifestyle in our city.  He can do so many things without sacrificing his studies by supporting his native university, the International Humanitarian University, where he is currently receiving a master's degree in management.
 "The support of the university is very important for me, especially since it is the comprehensive support of the President of our university, Sergey Vasilievich Kivalov and all the teachers.  It is such good support that helps me successfully combine sport, study and social activities",
 - says Oleg Guta and shares his plans for the future:

 In the near future, of course, I plan to continue to continue in professional sports, but also to pay attention to study, because knowledge and education are never superfluous.  Moreover, much attention is paid to sports at my university - new sports complexes, stadiums, gyms are being built and opened, and this gives great opportunities for development.
 Now Oleg Guta has only a tiny piece of time to rest and regain strength, and then new competitions.  After all, the main sport ,goal ahead is participation in the World Games.  And we sincerely believe that for the two-time European champion and multiple world medalist, it is quite achievable.