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“Today Ukraine celebrates the day of one of its main state symbols - the State Flag. For the first time at the official level, this holiday was established in 2009, since then for the 10th year in a row, on the eve of Independence Day of Ukraine, the yellow-blue flag has been solemnly raised throughout the country, paying tribute to the national flag. The colors of the national flag are dear to the heart of every Ukrainian, they symbolize the glorious pages of our history and the centuries-old traditions of Ukrainian statehood. Over the years of independence, we have done everything to ensure that our flag is known and respected throughout the world: under it, our outstanding athletes climbed the podium at the Olympic Games, our talented performers won first places at the Eurovision Song Contest, and schoolchildren won at international Olympiads. The blue-yellow canvas is proudly carried by Ukrainian vessels and aircraft; it can be seen over the official diplomatic missions of Ukraine in all countries of the world. On the day of honoring the National Flag of Ukraine, I want to wish the colors sacred for each of us, symbolizing the endless field and cloudless sky, to promise peace, tranquility and prosperity to our native Ukraine! ”, The President of the International Humanitarian University, Honorary Citizen of Odessa, Sergey Kivalov wrote on his official page on Facebook.