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“O Sport, you are Peace!” – they used to say in antiquity, and not only the social significance of sports hasn’t decreased through the following millennia, to the contrary – it has increased. Sport is something that unites people of different age, nationalities, religions, around the idea of healthy lifestyle. Traditionally, on every second Saturday of September Ukraine celebrates the Day of Physical Training and Sports. By developing the students’ sports, we follow the right path – through many years students of the Odesa Academy of Law and the International Humanitarian University have been displaying high results in competitions in many kinds of sports, the collection of our alma mater has amassed more than 100 medals already. It makes us proud that the National University “Odesa Academy of Law” has been rightfully recognized as one of the most athletic universities of our country. We have our own combined teams in soccer, volleyball, rugby, and many other sports. This tradition, which is similar to those followed by the leading universities of the West, has been well-established in our universities, and as the result – our varsity teams show high performance in all-Ukrainian and international competitions. We modernize sports facilities, we create conditions for the youth to be able to combine sports trainings with education most efficiently, we conduct a large number of various events. Young people must know that physical education and sport are interesting, trendy and cool!” – wrote Sergey Kivalov, the President of the National University “Odesa Academy of Law” and the International Humanitarian University, the Head of the Regional Students’ Sports Union, on his official Facebook page.