At the beginning of the spring semester, Professor Giuseppe Tomasso Cirella, who is the Director of the Polo Research Center of Sustainability (Italy) and Professor at the University of Gdansk (Poland), visited the International Humanitarian University (IHU).
Professor G.T. Cirella is making an official visit as a Visiting Professor at the IHU, where he gives several lectures and workshops that that will enhance the scientific and educational potential of the IHU.
During the first week of the semester, Prof. Cirella gave open lectures and a workshop on critical issues of concern to both scholars and all conscious citizens of the country. So, on February 26, 2020, Prof. Cirella gave an open two-hour lecture on sustainable thinking and the coronavirus epidemy in the world that was attended by students, faculty and administration of the IHU. At February 27, an open lecture was held for teachers and students of the Medical Institute (IHU) on the problem of the spread of coronavirus in the world. These lectures and the speaker were so interesting that the listeners asked many questions and discussed the challenges that are disturbed all the Ukrainians who think about the future of our planet.
At February 28, Prof. G.T. Cirella hosted a workshop on academic writing, research methods and international indexed publications for young and experienced scientists of the IHU. In light of the integration of national science into the world scientific system, this workshop has become an important tool for improving the quality of future research publications of the IHU.