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The Department of Germanic and Oriental Languages and the Agency of German Academic Exchange Service in Ukraine implemented trilingual translation joint project (Odessa-Kharkiv).
The first step of trilingual (German, Ukrainian, Russian) Translation Project took place in Odessa from 5 to 7 April in collaboration with the Department of Germanic and Oriental Languages of International Humanitarian University. Collective translation into Ukrainian and Russian of the play by a young author from Luxembourg Olivier Garofalo (Olivier Garofalo) "Heimat ist kein Ort" was among its tasks. Within 3 days, 16 students from Odessa, Kharkiv, Nizhyn, Mykolaiv and Sumy worked together on the translation of the play with a professional translator Nelya Vahnovska and writer Irina Finherova. The second phase of the project was held in Kharkiv from 17 to 20 May under the supervision of a talented director Alexander Kovshun where project participants helped to prepare the play for stage production. Students of the German department of the Linguistics and Translation Faculty of Moscow State University Anna Vasylieva, Inna Zavyalova and Katerina Melnichenko share their impressions and experience: "Master Class from Alexander Kovshun taught us how to work with dramatic works and build live dialogues during the translation. Having completed the analysis of the text and characters, we staged several extracts from the play to make sure that our translation was accurate and compregensible. The final phase was the stage reading at Taras Shevchenko Kharkiv Academic Drama Theater "Small Scene". The performance was a great success among the audience. Participation in the project for each of us was extremely interesting and productive. Each of us discovered something new and gained new practical experience as a translator of dramatic works while working on the translation of the play. What translation difficulties do translators of contemporary literary works face? Why are there so few specialists in this field? These and other questions concerning the art of literary translation were discussed during our work. The theater is a completely different world, with which we have also become more familiar due to this project. We are very grateful to our International Humanitarian University for the opportunity to participate in such a project and for our teachers’ support".