The research work has always been and remains the priority direction of the activities of the University administration. The Academic Council of the University has made a decision to study the complex research topic «Ukraine and the world in the context of the formation and development of the socio-humanitarian sphere». In order to deepen and develop the general university theme, the fundamental scientific and applied research on actual legal, humanitarian, and economic problems is actively deployed at the Departments of the university, which allows to intensify the integration of efforts of researchers from various scientific specialties and ensure the interaction of interdisciplinary scientific relations.
The unchanging course of the Academic Council and the administration is aimed at improving the quality of the scientific and pedagogical staff, therefore the training of students is provided by the following faculty: Doctors of Science - 22, Candidates of Science -64, 1 full correspondent member of state sectoral academies of sciences of Ukraine, 2 academicians of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine.
Many scholars of the University have honorary titles, in particular «Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine», «Honored Lawyer of Ukraine», «Honored Worker of Arts of Ukraine»; «Honored Artist of Ukraine»; «Honored Journalist of Ukraine», «People's Artist of Ukraine». A number of university scientists have membership in various unions of Ukraine, in particular, in the unions of artists, designers, journalists, cinematographers of Ukraine. Many scholars received government awards and distinctions from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
On the initiative of the rector of the university, professor Anatoliy Kryzhanovsky, in 2010, the postgraduate course was opened, which now operates in 8 different specialties. Within specialty 081- Law, there are several specializations: the theory and history of state and law; The history of political and legal studies; Civil law and civil process; Family law; International private law; Criminal law and criminology; Criminal-executive law; Criminal procedure and criminalistics; Forensic examination, operative - investigative activity; In specialty 035-Philology – there are specializationa: comparative - historical and typological linguistics; German languages; General linguistics; In specialty 073-Management – there is only one specialization Economy and management of enterprises (by types of economic activity). Specialty 051- Economics; Specialty 034 - Cultural Studies and Specialty 172- Telecommunications and radio engineering.
Since the beginning of the opening of the university's postgraduate course, 110 students have been trained in 8 departments, of which more than 80 graduate students and 30 candidates for Ph.D. degree have completed post-graduate training.  During the time of the postgraduate studies, 18 postgraduate students and applicants defended their candidate's theses and received the honorary title of the Ph.D. All dissertation researches are distinguished by scientific novelty and relate to important issues of legal, philological, economic and other problems of the present. For example, the dissertation of Al-Bryhatsat Salman Doodum Salman is the first in Ukrainian jurisprudence to complete a theoretical study of the structure and content of the law system of modern Iran; Chan Bean Ling's dissertation is the first general theoretical study of the principles of Law in the People's Republic of China. For the first time in Ukraine, Anatoly Medentsev, at the monographic level, conducted a comprehensive dissertation study on problematic issues in the investigation of crimes in the field of public procurement.  Scientific novelty of Bailuk’s dissertation  is that the hemyned consonants for the first time became the object of complex comparative-historical analysis on the material of the Ukrainian and German languages.
Over the past 5 years, a number of University scholars have defended doctoral dissertations on topical issues of modern legal and economic sciences, namely: associate professor Orlovskaya N.A. − «Sanctions of criminal law and principles of formation», associate professor Botvin N.O. − «Financial Policy for the Sustainable Development of the Agrosphere: Methodology, Methods», Associate Professor Antsupova T.O. − «The Procedural Law of the Council of Europe: Principles, System, Dynamics», associate professor Andreichenko − «International-legal concept of attribution of conduct to the state».
An important step towards further intensification of research at the university was the creation of two specialized scientific councils. The idea of creating a specialized academic council for studying and defending dissertations for obtaining a degree in Law belonged to the rector, Doctor of Law, Professor Anatoly Kryzhanovskiy. He is the constant head of this Council.
The specialized council considers dissertations on the specialties: Theory and history of state and law; The history of political and legal studies; Civil law and civil process; Family law; International private law; Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics; Forensic examination; Operative - investigation activity.
On the initiative of Doctor of Philology, Professor Stupak there was created a specialized academic council with the right to accept for consideration defense of theses for the degree of a Candidate of Philology. Associate Professor Manko, Associate Professor Klim, Associate Professor Atamanova, Senior Lecturer Arabadzhi, Teacher Titska. During the work of both specialized scientific councils, there were successfully defended 130 theses for the degree of a candidate of law and philology. An important direction of the research work of the teaching staff of the University is the preparation of scientific works for publication and their own publishing activities.
The University has its own scientific periodicals, in particular «Scientific Notes of the International Humanitarian University», «Almanac of International Law», «Scientific Herald of the International Humanitarian University», published in the following series: «Jurisprudence», «Economics and Management»; «History. Philosophy. Politology»; «Philology»; «Medicine. Pharmacy»; «Information Technology and Project Management». Most of the series of the Scientific Herald of the International Humanitarian University have received the status of a professional edition.
Scientific and pedagogical staff of the University have recently published 40 chapters of monographic works and more than 20 monographic works on current legal, humanitarian, and economic problems of the present. Among them: «Legalization in the mechanism of law» (author - associate professor Manko), «Axiology of modern law and order» (author - senior teacher Arabadzhi); «Energy Theory of Speech» (author - Prof. V. Taranets); «Strategy of regional management of investment development» and «Methodological bases of management of socio-economic development of the region» (author - Prof. Raschupkina). The publication of research results of university scientists in the international scientific and metric databases Scopus is -35 units, the number of citations-47. The leader in scientific publications among the scientists of the University is Doctor of Economics, Professor Goncharuk, who holds domestic and international grants, has 210 scientific publications in 25 countries of the world, including 23 in editions indexed by Scopus and quoted in over 130 publications.
The main direction of scientific life of the University is conducting international, all-Ukrainian, inter-university scientific-practical conferences, seminars, round tables and the participation of scientists of the university in the various scientific forums in Ukraine and in the foreign countries. Over the past 5 years, more than 160 scientific events have been held, of which - conferences of various levels -80, seminars, round tables, exhibitions and other cultural-scientific events more than 70.
Great attention was paid to the organization and implementation of creative research work of students. It has become a good tradition to hold an annual international scientific and practical conference of students, graduate students and young scientists on the theme «Humanitarian and Innovative Perspective of Professional Skills: Search for Young Scientists» and the annual conference «Black Sea Research», the results of which are published in the materials of articles and abstracts of participants' reports. For each graduate student it is important to take part in a permanent scientific seminar on the problem «New approaches to the organization of independent work of graduate students in writing a dissertation research». Topical issues of contemporary economic science are considered at the annual scientific and methodological seminar «Development of methods for research of modernized processes in the economy of Ukraine», conducted by the staff of the Economics and Management Faculty under the direction of Professor Mykola Kovalenko.
The University's management and its teachers pay considerable attention to the student's organization and implementation of creative research work, therefore the latter always take an active part in All-Ukrainian competitions of student research works, subject olimpiads, All-Ukrainian annual student scientific and practical conferences, receive diplomas and certificates of participants. Anastasia Maslova, a 6th year student (specialty «Design»), took the 2 nd place in the "Cartoon" nomination for the film, which was presented at the XI International Arts Festival "Dnipro Cinema" in 2016; the student of the 5th year (specialty «Jurisprudence») Maria Ogrenich received the II degree diploma for participation in the All-Ukrainian competition of student's scientific papers in the legal sciences.
In the International Humanitarian University there is a constant growth of scientific potential, both at the expense of intensification of the scientific activity and through the permanent work of candidates and doctors of sciences. This allows us to hope for a successful solution to the main issues of research activities, its further effective development at the University.