The “Management” educational program is aimed at training managers with a modern socio-economic way of thinking who have a good understanding of the problems of organization, are able to find optimal solutions and take responsibility for their implementation; develop and implement appropriate strategies and plans; organize the effective use and development of human resources in an organization, etc.
The educational process involves a combination of deep fundamental training in modern economic science and mastering a whole range of applied disciplines in management, finance, marketing, accounting, economics and mathematics, professional foreign language skills and more. Alongside the course, the active participation of students in research and seminars, the use of the latest training, information and communication technologies and progressive teaching methods of management are organically combined.
Competences resulting from studying in this educational program; acquiring the following knowledge:

  • The development of tactical and operational plans for the current activity of an enterprise;
  • making complex effective management decisions;
  • planning the needs for different types of resources and coordinating their use;
  • drawing up plans for the development of company personnel;
  • organization of collective work;
  • coordination of teamwork and ability to resolve conflicts in an enterprise;
  • organization and rationalization of jobs;
  • organization of an effective information exchange system;
  • regulation of technological processes;
  • developing an effective system of motivation and remuneration;
  • formation and development of an organizational culture;
  • implementing consulting activities;
  • critical understanding of basic theories, principles, methods and concepts in training and professional activity;
  • use of foreign language in professional activities.


  • solving complex unpredictable tasks and problems in specialized areas of professional activity and/or training, which involves the collection and interpretation of information (data), the selection of methods and tools, the use of innovative approaches;
  • applying the basic knowledge of fundamental economic sciences in practice to the extent necessary for the development of general professional disciplines and the use of their methods in the chosen profession;
  • formulate and implement the main goals of management;
  • bringing information, ideas, problems, solutions and own experience in the field of professional activity as specialists and non-specialists;
  • ability to formulate a communication strategy effectively;
  • ability to find and analyze information from different sources;
  • ability to organize tasks in accordance with the principles of time management;
  • ability to manage complex actions or projects, to be responsible for making decisions in unpredictable conditions;
  • decision-making in complex and unpredictable environments that require new approaches and forecasting;
  • ability to be responsible for the development of professional knowledge and practices, assessment of the strategic development of the team;
  • the ability to study further, which is largely autonomous and self-contained;
  • solving complex tasks and problems that require updating and integrating knowledge, often in the face of incomplete/insufficient information and conflicting requirements;
  • conducting research and/or innovation activities.

Competitive advantages of the "Management" specialty:

  • training in the most up-to-date curricula in accordance with the requirements of the job market with a practical focus on the training of broad-based specialists, who at the same time possess thorough highly specialized knowledge, skills and have high adaptive potential;
  • advanced study of English;
  • active cooperation of the department of management with leading employers, who provide an advanced training of specialists taking into account the projected trends in the job market;
  • use of active teaching methods.

Our graduates, who acquired a degree in Management, specialize in the following positions:

  • managers of businesses of different ownership;
  • heads of structural units of enterprises and associations of different industries;
  • Heads of local authorities;
  • managers of associations of enterprises, institutions, organizations and their subdivisions;
  • Teachers of higher education;
  • Researchers.

Upon admission to the Institute of Law, Economics and International Relations of the International Humanitarian University in the 073 "Management" specialty, on the basis of a complete general secondary education to study for a bachelor's degree (the third subject is selected by the applicant - one of the following):

  • Competitive proposition
  • Ukrainian language and literature
  • Mathematics
  • Geography or Foreign Language
  • Competitive proposition
  • Ukrainian language and literature
  • History of Ukraine
  • Geography or Foreign Language
  • Competitive proposition
  • Ukrainian language and literature
  • Foreign Language
  • Biology or Geography