To become qualified specialists in IER students achieve proficiency in world trade, global economics, world product and resources market functioning, international finance markets, global economic integration, world trade finance etc. Furthermore, educational program has its special focus on foreign languages. After getting a Master’s Degree students received their diplomas in IER and translation. Spoken and written foreign language proficiency doubled by the ability to conduct effective business negotiations and draw up sound business contracts will give International Humanitarian University alumni competitive advantage in the labor market. Many alumni of our university constitute the elite of national business. Graduates of the program “IER” could work for public administration, ministries and government agencies, private sector companies, banks and financial institutions.
Skills to compose investment business plans and perform financial analysis give graduates of International Humanitarian University opportunity to have been successfully employed by local and international enterprises. According to the EU integration program of Ukraine qualified specialists in IER are in great demand at state administration bodies, various organizations, including consulting firms, foreign enterprises and joint ventures, analytical departments in banks, insurance companies, and research centers.
Highly qualified teachers, multimedia laboratories, advanced educational technologies help our students to best learning, develop their intellectual and leader abilities. Students of the educational program “IER” have specialized internship as an element of the plan. They work as trainees at exporting and marketing departments of numerous firms, in banks, at joint ventures, in international companies and organizations.
Those who have shown their excellence in studies could continue education abroad and get double diploma at the universities-partners of International Humanitarian University. By the way, our university is international not only in its name but in all its activities. International Humanitarian University works in close collaboration with numerous foreign educational institutions (Poland, Serbia); participates in various international programs; offers educational and scientific programs mobility for students, participates in various international conferences etc.