College is the place where a person, a citizen,a future specialist, a researcher is born!
 Professional College of the International Humanitarian University is an institution of professional higher education that provides vocational education, develops practical skills, stage preparation of professional junior bachelors on the college-university system.  College graduates  from its walls young professionals for various industries every year who have the opportunity to continue their studies at the 3rd year of the International Humanitarian University, hospitably opening the doors to new students.  They are its main wealth, «the litmus test» that determines the results of the institution and the work of the team of lectures .

 It is difficult to study in college but  it is very interesting.  It is not easy because it requires considerable time and attention and simultaneous study of general and professional subjects.  Professional education forms  a further life path, gets professional skills and affects the quality and growth of the individual.

 Thanks to our talented and dedicated lectures , the life of our college students is not only a learning activity, but also an active social and cultural life, meetings, various events, bright events, many opportunities and prospects, participation in various competitions and contests.

 In college we  pay considerable attention to the comprehensive development of students, create the conditions for this.  Conferences, Olympiads in academic disciplines, debates in various forms, amateur performances are not all that everyone can express themselves.

 Within the walls of the college, students make the first steps to scientific researches.  They successfully take part in scientific seminars and conferences.  A lot attention is paid to the study of foreign languages, students  improve two foreign languages ​​and attend English lectures.  Thanks to the modern facilities and resources, every student can find the interesting occupation such as  the development of physical abilities and to take part  in regional, all-Ukrainian competitions. College of the International Humanitarian University is proud of its athletes who are already Champions of Ukraine and the world, candidates for masters of sports.  So college is the place where a person, a citizen, a future specialist, a researcher is born.  Joining it is a kind of chance to start a new page of your life, to become another, more adult and a successful person.  And the main thing is not to waste your chance and time!