Establishment of a new university is an exceedingly complicated, large-scale and laborious cause, which is based on an idea, concept, leadership and intensive collective work. Fate appeared extremely favorable for International Humanitarian University. The idea of its creation was generated by Sergiy V.Kivalov, a person who possesses rare and undoubtedly remarkable qualities required for the success of exactly such outstanding projects, for it was the University’s president who during these fifteen years has been the inspirer and organizer of all small and great deeds that were steadily leading the University from an achievement to the following one. Therefore, the University celebrates its 15th birthday with amazing achievements reflecting the rapid dynamics of development and consolidation whereas its staff members are full of confidence in their future. Reflecting over the first steps of IHU from the 15-years distance  and comparing the initial level and the present day state of the University’s facilities one cannot but be astonished at the large scale of the work done and the quality of achievements. When the University “veterans” pass by the modest two-storied house in Akademicheskaya Street, they remember with agitation that  it is in these premises that the future University was born. The construction of a modern complex of International Humanitarian University was simultaneously launched on the 5th Station of Bolshoy Fountain. This was performed under direct S.V. Kivalov’s control who would evade neither big nor small tasks and who would spend huge amount of personal time and effort on organizational and coordination measures. This was the best example and incentive for the working collective. Later, when the time came to tidy up the new premises and the surrounding territory, the students actively joined. Today, hundreds of trees, which were planted during the first years, present the students and Odessa residents with generous greenery and natural beauty. Presently, the University’s territory is an artifact of the contemporary organization of the city space highly valued by the residents and guests of our city for it has become a favorite place for recreation of the district’s residents of all generations. Presently the University encompasses Medical Institute, Institute of National and International Law and three faculties: those of Economics and Management, Linguistics and Translation, Art and Design. Furthermore, two colleges operate within the University, namely Economic and Law College and Medical College. These structural unites contain 19 departments:

  • Department of Theory and History of State and Law;
  • Department of Criminal Law, Proceedings and Criminal Investigation;
  • Department of Civil and Economic Law and Proceedings;
  • Department of International Law and Comparative Jurisprudence;
  • Department of Constitutional Law and State Administration;
  • Department of Management;
  • Department of Economics and International Economic relations;
  • Department of Business Administration and Corporate Security;
  • Department of Computer Engineering and Innovation Technologies;
  • Department of Translation and Linguistics;
  • Department of Foreign Languages for Professional Purposes;
  • Department of Germanic and Oriental Languages;
  • Department of Arts and General humanitarian Disciplines;
  • Department of Cinema and Television;
  • Department of Design;
  • Department of Medical Chemistry and Biology;
  • Department of General and Clinical Pharmacology;
  • Department of General Dentistry;
  • Department of General Medical Disciplines.

Under the modern conditions, the University trains specialists according to 52 educational levels, namely

  • 14 specialties of higher education, direction “Bachelor”;
  • 9 specialties of higher education, direction “Specialist”;
  • 14 specialties of higher education, direction “Master”;
  • 9 specialties of higher education, direction “Junior Specialist”;
  • 6 specialties of post-graduate training.

The University has a modern complex of educational buildings, sporting and recreation facilities, a modern dentist’s clinic, wonderful recreation base, etc. The main characteristic of the material and technical base of the University is its modern level combining the esthetics of a classical university and contemporary equipment and use. Everything dealing with the academic and educational process at the university has been thought of and provided including the smallest details due to S.V. Kivalov’s skills and talent as well as participation of the best and deeply interested specialists invited by him to join the university’s development. The five years that followed the tenth anniversary of the University flew by like a flock of swallows.  However, every year, month and day were full of a great number of deeds, implementation of tasks, ideas and plans. Following the analogy of a young person’s development, one can say that the University passed from the childhood to the youth – the period of flourishing of the positive qualities obtained and the potential’s dynamic development. It is in that period that the events characterizing qualitative transformations of all sides of activity occurred at the University. The University was well established in Odessa, which is a notable scientific and educational center of the country as well as throughout Ukraine crossing its borders to occupy the international level. The International Humanitarian University is the sole non-government educational institution among 20 universities representing Odessa region. The number of entrants and graduates growing from year to year can be regarded as a certain integral index of the confidently increasing authority of the University. It is noteworthy that the University has achieved the biggest number of students in its history by its 15th anniversary whereas the number of foreign students who study here has considerably exceeded 1,000 persons. Since 2010, when the University was attested according to the 4th, highest level of accreditation, scientific and research work alongside scientific communication have been rapidly developing; post-graduate courses in all specialties have been launched; the academic staff has been saturated with scientific and education specialists of the highest level including two Corresponding Members of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, three Honored Workers of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, two Merited Actors of Ukraine, nine Merited Artists of Ukraine, four Merited Workers of Culture of Ukraine, etc. It is these professionals well known in the country and abroad who serve a good example for 50 post-graduate students trained at the University according to the following directions: “Economics”, “Law”, “Management of projects”, “Computer engineering”, “Philology”, and “Arts”.  Involvement of our academic staff members in the work of high institutions of public authority of Ukraine can serve recognition of their high quality. Thus, as a result of intense competitive selection, Professor T.O.Antsupova became a judge of the new Supreme Court of Ukraine, and Professor B.V.Babin was appointed a Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Scientific theoretical and scientific practical conferences, which in a short time received widespread recognition in the scientific community not only in our country but also abroad, were initiated by the scientists of the University in different years. Since 2013, lecturers of Odessa Medical Institute annually participate in the organization and work of scientific-practical conference "Modern problems of pharmacology, cosmetology and aromology", which traditionally starts on the Pharmacist’s Day at the end of September. In 2017 only, the University held the VI International scientific-practical conference "International law: delegepraeterita, instantefutura"; II International scientific conference "Ukraine. European integration. Intermarium" devoted to the 20th  anniversary of ratification of the Convention on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms; III International multidisciplinary conference "Black sea scientific research"; II International scientific-practical conference "Prospects of effective managerial decisions in business and projects"; all-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Legal dimension of the constitutional, administrative and financial jurisdiction in the European paradigm of Ukraine"; International scientific-practical conference "Linguistic theory and practice: historical heritage, current problems and prospects of development"; III International scientific-practical conference of 17 students, postgraduates and young scientists "Humanities and innovation perspective of professional skill: researches of young scientists"; Interuniversity scientific-practical student conference "Problems of efficiency increase of functioning of Ukraine’s economy under conditions of globalization", the fifth annual student scientific conference "General theoretical issues of private and public law". Traditionally, both numerous well-known experts from different regions of Ukraine and abroad and young scientists come to such scientific forums. Since 2016, when the Department of Arts and Humanities was headed by a famous specialist, Doctor of Arts A. P. Ovchinnikova, post-graduate program was started here, and it immediately became popular among experts. A powerful impetus to further development of the single in the South of Ukraine Cinema and Television Department was given by the Candidate of Arts T. I. Uvarova’s coming to the post of its head. In 2017, the Department held a public screening of the diploma works of the graduates on the big screen of the legendary Odessa Film Studio, which became a significant cultural event not only for the University but for the entire city. Short films and original programs that were presented to the experts’ and public appraisal by young authors displayed their talent, a high level of theoretical knowledge and practical training, the huge creative potential of the new cohort of artists. "Autumn Sonata" by Dmitry Mikhailov and Nodar Sapoyev, "Ideal woman’s portrait" by Eleonora Dubinetska, "Autumn leaf" by Catherine Semina etc. were among the best films. "Belgorod-Dnestrovsky fortress" by Tetiana Karpenko and "Concerning everyone" by Anastasia Kozhushko were deemed the most successful films among the author television programs. Original personal thoughts, experiences, and unique perception of modern life by every young artist became the basis for ideas of each film. Scientific horizons of the University’s academicians expand impetuously. Thus, Professor of Computer Engineering and Innovative Technologies Department D. A. Zaitsev conducts unique scientific research works, which were highly appreciated by foreign scientists. D.A.Zaitsev is a senior member of IEEE (90628551), a member of ACM (6127051), a member of group GI FG 0.0.1: Pеtrinets and Related System Models, Bonn. He received an invitation to deliver lectures at the Technological Institute of New Jersey and Stony Brook University in New York in October 2017. The foundation of the dissertation Council in philological disciplines ("Comparative historical and typological linguistics", "Germanic languages", "General linguistics") became the confirmation of the highest level of research work and quality of the Faculty of Linguistics and Translation teaching stuff. Furthermore, certain specialties cannot be found in the South of our country other than at our University. The University’s dissertation Councils activities are in great demand by the applicants for a scientific degree of Candidate of Sciences from different regions of Ukraine. Annual defensing Ph. D. and doctoral theses by the University academic stuff became a good tradition in the scientific sphere of our University. The Department of Theory and History of State and Law lecturers of which N. V. Atamanova, N.B. Arabadjy, D. G. Manko, Ja. O. Tytska defended their thesis in theoretical jurisprudence became an example for the others. And now all the lecturers of the Department have scientific degrees of Doctors or Candidates of Law. PhD theses were also defended by the first postgraduate alumni of this Department, foreign citizens Al-Braichat Dawood Salman Dawood and Jang Bin Lin. With the heading of the Faculty of Linguistics and Translation by Doctor of Philology, Professor I.V.Stupak the development of this faculty received new dynamics: postgraduate program was launched, Specialized dissertation Council for the scientific examining of theses on philological Sciences started its work, Bachelors and Masters training in "The Chinese language" was licensed, contacts with universities in Europe, China, America expand rapidly, not only in scholarly communication, but, which is equally important, in student exchange, academic and student internships and the like. At present, nearly every second student of the faculty practice or has internship abroad. Giving open lectures for all concerned is widely practiced at the Faculty involving well-known foreign and domestic lecturers. Such lectures were given at the University by Professor Torsen Leuschner, Vice President of the Belgian Union of germanists and teachers of German (Department of German Philology, University of Ghent, Belgium), Professor R. Ye. Pilipenko, the President of the Union of German studies at the higher educational institutions of Ukraine, etc. The stuff of the Institute of National and International Law headed by a young and very energetic leader, Candidate of Law K. V. Gromovenko, actively finds competitive advantages in the situation of a sharp aggravation of problems in the field of legal training. His team of creative professionals is actively looking for new opportunities of intensification and improvement of the quality of lawyers’ training in the context of dynamically changing parameters of legal existence of the modern society. Odessa Medical Institute as a part of our University is a source of pride and care, just a few years of dynamic development has turned it into a modern forge of manpower for the pharmaceutical industry and dentistry, and not only for Ukraine but also for many foreign countries. The unit’s success is based on the fact that the tradition of medical training in a classical University, where the personality of students is formed in the humanitarian discourse and multi-disciplinary environment forms supportive context of professional skill and competence is being revived in our University. The President of the University Academician S. V. Kivalov pays special attention to the formation of a modern material-technical base and to the involvement of highly qualified specialists in the work of the Institute. Recently the teaching staff of the Institute has expanded with the team of scientists and dentist practitioners, who are able to raise dental school of the International Humanitarian University to the most advanced level. Putting into operation one of the most up-to-date dental clinics opens up opportunities to improve the quality of education, conduct modern scientific research, implement efficient treatment technologies, and carry out social projects, which are also becoming increasingly common in the University environment. It is obviously impossible to reflect all the sides, events and facts of the rich multilateral construction and formation of International Humanitarian University in the format of a short essay. However, the main thing is obvious: the University welcomes the15th anniversary in a state of rapid development and rise in all spheres of its activity, filled with the feeling of great potential, creativity and confidence in wright direction of the chosen strategy and in its future. Congratulations to all of us!